My Teletherapy Journey

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When we had to pivot our business in March 2020 I was scared and intimidated to start this virtual journey. How could we provide the same quality speech sessions ONLINE? 

In preparation, our whole team spent TWO weeks taking course after course to learn how to offer teletherapy. I was excited to see that we could still implement a lot of our in person strategies online and incorporate toys/materials that I already had. 

I first started with a few trial sessions with my clients. It was exciting to be able to still provide my clients with movement/music breaks, or even watch small YouTube clips as a reinforcer.  Even screen sharing endless online games and activities. The possibilities with virtual learning were endless! 

Before you knew it, I discovered the power of green screens. I fell into green screens; I fell hard and fast and haven’t looked back! When I discovered that my computer was able to use virtual backgrounds, my passion took off! I started to create green screen virtual backgrounds for my client’s sessions. My sessions started coming to LIFE! 

Each session became an adventure! I was able to use my client’s interests and create the most interactive and engaging sessions imaginable! Where would we go each week? A trip to the zoo? Reaching my hand into the mouth of a lion to pull out target words? Or putting my head into a GIANT shark’s mouth at the request of clients!!!

I was able to pretend play with my clients just like before; as if I was sitting next to them! I was able to create a fun learning environment and target their goals. My clients were focused and engaged and asked for MORE! The obsession to create more and more green screens took over!

I now knew that I had to help not only our clinicians, but also clinicians worldwide bring their sessions to life. So I did just that!  Let’s be honest, we are ALL busy people with large caseloads and it sometimes feels like we never have enough time to prep. HAVE NO FEAR! This green screen machine is here to save you!

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