Editable Winter Green Screen Bundle

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In sessions, I love to use themed activities. It helps make my sessions relatable to the clients and they love it! I wanted to create fun winter scenes that clinicians could edit and customize to their clients specific goals. 

Making this bundle editable means a bit more prep time for clinicians. But the end result is worth it! You will be able to add your own images and be able to use and RE-USE these scenes over and over again. 

My 4- year old son helped inspire the creation of the Winter Green screen Bundle, which includes 10 different activities. 

There are endless ways to use these activities and you’re able to adapt them as you go. If I had to pick my two favourite activities in this bundle, it would probably be the Snow Globe Shake and Making Hot Chocolate. 

These activities are great for creating more opportunities for language. During one of my sessions, I had my snow globe get “stuck” and I needed my clients help to get it to work again.  This was a great chance to target various different language/articulation goals. 

While using the Making Hot Chocolate activity, I had one of my clients ask me to eat the item/image that was in the hot chocolate and then spit it back into the cup.  Silly, yes! But why not? I was able to build onto my client’s request and have them produce phrases such as “spit out” or “eat more” and then I could comment and model “oh, I don’t like that.”   

There are endless ways to use these activities and you’re able to adapt them as you go. I wasn’t planning on spitting out the items when we played the Making Hot Chocolate. I was able to follow my client’s lead and create more opportunities for spontaneous language.

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